Information about Balakan FoodsBalakan Foods was founded in 2017 on the basis of the Balakan cannery, one of the most experienced, advanced enterprises for processing fruits and vegetables in Azerbaijan, put into exploitation in 1964.



Taking care of you, Balakan Foods, provides consumers with exceptionally high-quality dried fruits and western sweets, produced on the basis of fruits.



  • Peach Curry

    Peach Curry

    Nutritionists are advised to include them in the diet of people who have undergone a complex disease or surg...


  • Roll of persimmon with a with taste of nut

    Roll of persimmon with a with taste of nut

    It is made from dried persimmon, crushed hazelnut and bekmez (thickened fruit juice). This product combine...


  • Hazelnut kernel

    Hazelnut kernel

    The kernels of hazelnuts contain all 20 amino acids we need, vitamins A, C, E, PP, Group B. Trace elements -...