Dried cherry

In a dried cherry, all minerals and vitamins are preserved. Calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, various antioxidants. Antioxidants can prevent the aging process. And thanks to the presence of pectin substances improve metabolism, peristalsis of the intestine. In the dried cherry contains numerous vitamins, including vitamin C. The latter is responsible for the immunity of man, relieving us of various colds, inflammatory diseases. Calcium and potassium, contained in dried fruits, have a positive effect on the work of the heart muscle, other internal organs of man. Many experts call these berries almost the best product for improving immunity.


We strive to provide our customers with healthy and delicious dried fruits all year round. we harvest fruit from different regions of Azerbaijan during the season, using modern methods and technologies and observing complete hygiene at all stages of processing the product until packaging.

Thanks to the use of the "Cold dry" technology in the production process (drying at low temperature), we have kept for you all vitamins and minerals in dried fruits.

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Dried cherry



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Polypropylene packaging with modified atmosphere (MAP), transparent / black rectangular

1,7 kg wholesale or 180/250 q retailers

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