Peach Curry

Nutritionists are advised to include them in the diet of people who have undergone a complex disease or surgery for the early strengthening and recovery of the body. Regular use of dried or dried peaches increases immunity, serves as prevention of ARVI and ARI, especially in autumn and winter.
They have antibacterial properties, they normalize the intestinal microflora.
Systematic use of dried apricots improves digestion, the passage of bile. People suffering from diseases of blood vessels, heart, arrhythmia are recommended in the morning before eating to eat 2-4 halves of dried peach.
Peach dried apricots improves blood composition, promotes hemopoiesis, prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia.
Peaches in any form help the body get rid of toxins, remove salts of heavy metals, radiation elements.
Infusion or broth helps to get rid of the heaviness in the stomach. Regular use of it on an empty stomach promotes the purification of blood vessels, strengthens them.
Peach dried apricots reduces the number of free radicals in tissues, this reduces the risk of malignant tumors.


We strive to provide our customers with healthy and delicious dried fruits all year round. we harvest fruit from different regions of Azerbaijan during the season, using modern methods and technologies and observing complete hygiene at all stages of processing the product until packaging.

Thanks to the use of the "Cold dry" technology in the production process (drying at low temperature), we have kept for you all vitamins and minerals in dried fruits.

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Peach curry


July, august


Polypropylene packaging with modified atmosphere (MAP), transparent / black rectangular

2 kg wholesale or 150 g retailer

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