Dried watermelon

Dried watermelon contains:
Practically a complete set of B vitamins, ascorbic and nicotinic acids.
Microelements: Ca, Mg, Fe, Na. Pectins, high digestibility sugars. Cellulose. Lycopene, actively "working" against malignant tumors.
Benefits: With anemia, iron deficiency will be restored.

Excretion of harmful substances and slags.
Recovery after chemotherapy of antibiotics and anesthesia.
Improves sleep and psychological state.
Normalization of the state at high pressure, atherosclerosis, joint diseases.
Regulates the work of the intestines.


We strive to provide our customers with healthy and delicious dried fruits all year round. we harvest fruit from different regions of Azerbaijan during the season, using modern methods and technologies and observing complete hygiene at all stages of processing the product until packaging.

Thanks to the use of the "Cold dry" technology in the production process (drying at low temperature), we have kept for you all vitamins and minerals in dried fruits.

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